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builds trust

stops corruption

empowers churches

Trust is being destroyed in the SBC and the result is steep decline in our ability to advance God’s mission.  A lack of transparency, no accountability, is destroying trust and has resulted in fewer participating churches. We are losing supporting churches in big numbers.  In 2007, over 34,000 SBC churches supported missions through the Cooperative Program (CP). In 2019 that number fell to 29,000, a drop of 5,258 churches. Total CP giving dropped $85 million during the same time period, to $462 million.

The worst decade in the 175 year history of the SBC in terms decline is the last decade.  Decline in mission dollars, 2,000 fewer IMB missionaries, over 100,000 fewer baptisms per year, and new church starts have dropped to less than half. Failure to steward well what we have inherited, and failure to advance the mission of God, that is our problem. And that problem is an outgrowth of destroyed confidence and trust in the SBC mission’s system.  Secrecy, corruption, self-dealing have destroyed trust. Southern Baptist deserve better. You deserve better. 


builds trust

stops corruption

empowers churches


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Randy Adams SBC president


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"A key spiritual marker for me was the death of my 14-year-old brother... I was 16, and as difficult as this was for our family, I remember thinking that without Jesus life ends poorly."

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Randy Adams



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