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The Future

builds trust

stops corruption

empowers churches

The Future of the SBC

The next chapter in Southern Baptist life will be bright as we return to Him, recommit to advancing His mission, and recapture the spirit of cooperation and partnership that made us a powerful force for worldwide missions. Trust in our missionary system has eroded and this has led to diminished effectiveness. But trust and effectiveness can be restored as we reshape our structures and processes, employing these three principles:


·     Transparency builds trust.

·     Accountability stops corruption.

·     Participation empowers every church.


Transparency in finances and performance reporting will give churches the confidence needed to participate in our cooperative mission’s system. Leaders, accountable to trustees that are properly trained to hold them accountable, will further build trust in the effectiveness of the Southern Baptist missionary system. We live in a day when we must prove we’re doing right before we’re ever accused of doing wrong. Increasing the participation of churches in the annual meeting of the SBC through remote locations will further grow cooperation as churches engage in the decision-making process.


We can do this. We must do this. With God’s blessing, we can take what we have inherited from our forebears and build upon it, leaving more to the next generation than we received  We will not go back to a bygone era. We cannot stay with the status quo of the present established order. We must move forward to advance the mission of God, and we will move forward as we move together, trusting God, and trusting each other.  In this way we will send more missionaries. Reach more people for Christ. Build healthy churches with healthy pastors and leaders. Most importantly, we will please our God.

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