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transparency builds trust

A lack of transparency destroys trust.

Transparency reveals reality – financial reality and performance reality. I am the candidate who will call for opening the bankbooks and demanding that we be shown where the money is going.  We need to end NDAs to cover up failure.  We need periodic forensic audits of every entity so we can know specifically how the money is spent. 


The heroes of the SBC are our churches and our faithful people.  You deserve to know how your tithe money is spent. Make sure you’re sitting down when you hear this.


Planned Parenthood has more transparency in their finances than the North American Mission Board of the SBC.  PP must have transparency by law.  NAMB is not subject to the same law because of the religious nature of their work.  But morally, ethically, shouldn’t NAMB hold to the same high standard in financial transparency?  Shouldn’t we know how many churches they’re actually funding?  Should you know where these churches are?  Lack of transparency breeds corruption.  Increasing transparency will build trust, because transparency enables accountability.

a Better Way

builds trust

stops corruption

empowers churches

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